Star Trek Fleet Command

An online PVP mobile game on android & iOS


Server: 193 (Asia Pacific)
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Game ID – May 2021:

  1. Daniel: ISS-Utopia;
  2. aDiNG: ISS-AndraNtBckbone
  3. Doddy: ISS-Padi
  4. Dicky: ISS-ProjectPop
  5. Ferdee : ISS-Noah
  6. Sonny: ISS-Samsons
  7. Toni: ISS-Changcuters
  8. David: ISS-BaseJam
  9. Onel: ISS-SO7
  10. Mic: ISS-Club80’s
  11. Alex: ISS-Letto
  12. Paul: ISS-Godbless
  13. Yanu: ISSNetral


Rules and Guidelines:

  1. RoE (Rules of Engagement)
    • Avoid to attack any empty ship, you can only attack ship with Over Cargo / OC (over protected cargo).
    • If your ship got attack with No Cargo or UC (Under protected Cargo), take a ScreenShot (SS) of Battle Report & Battle Log, then you may retaliate or PM the attacker, if they do not respond, bring to your Admiral or Commodores for further communicating the issue.
    • If you want to hit a miner/warship on Zero Node (ZN), send a PM warning, wait for 3 mins, when no respond and or s/he not reset the node, you may continue to hit/take over the node.
    • Augment space have the same RoE, but Yarda (36) since it’s only have two decoded nodes has a gentlemen engagement; means NO OC hits, and ZN must be sent a 10 minutes PM warning before hit.
    • Botany Bay (BotBay) can only be used in Augment space. If you found it for mining in other than Augment space, you are free to clear without a PM warning.
    • Ferengi D’vor can only be used in Latinum systems. If you found it for mining in other than Latinum systems, you are free to clear without a PM warning.
    • Vi’dar is not allowed to be used for mining or even for holding a node. If you found it at any node, you are free to clear without a PM warning.
  2. Diplomatic Relation Codes: NAP, NSA, KOS, War, CF
    • NAP (Non Aggression Pact): NO attack ships nor base stations.
    • NSA (No Station Attack): NO attack base stations, but ships per RoE (Rules of Engagement).
    • KOS (Kill On Sight): Mostly KOS to rouge players. You may want to attack them at all cost!
    • War: Mostly War with an alliance (and it’s academy or ally alliances). Attack at all cost!
    • CF (Cease Fire): NO attack ships nor base stations for a period of time.
  3. Sub W40 (Warp System 40) RoE including Augment space
    • A ship on a node can only be cleared if Over Cargo or the node is ZERO.
    • If a node is ZERO, a 3 min warning must be issued after the node is identified as zero. If the miner has moved off to refresh the node cannot be taken.
      (Best practice is to send warning wait 3 min, then send 2nd warning. Take a Screen Shot of the two messages showing the 3 min gap).
    • Speciality miners: eg. Botany Bay and D’vor are KOS on any nodes other than their intended cargo.
    • Warships except the Vi’dar are allowed. Vi’dar is KOS on any nodes.
    • No hits on nodes in Borg systems (those that require the transwarp coils to reach).
  4. Sub W40-W48 RoE
    • Zero node hits are allowed with a 10 min warning (hit zeroed whether under or over protected cargo).
    • NorthStar with a full cargo is considered a zero node and can be hit with a 10 min warning.
    • Over Protected hits are NOT allowed.
    • All Warships are KOS with no limitations on nodes.
    • Botany Bay and Frengi D’Vor ship (except for Suliban and other W40 – W48 Latinum systems) are banned.
    • Over Protected (OP) Latinum node hits are a fair game during Latinum Rush event.
    • Share your node.
  5. Latinum Mine Systems
    • Mining Latinum in Yoria-3, Torra Sedra and Zed Alpha are NO-HITS-Allowed; means NO OC hits and ZN hits at all times.