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"To Boldly Go Where No Indonesian has Gone Before"



Posted Stardate: 2006.0415
Attention All Hands!
Welcome to the Indonesian Star Trek Fans Community website. The home of Indonesian Trekkies. If you are new to this, please proceed to our [Ready Room] page.

Posted Stardate: 2013.0907
Thanks to all for coming to our largest annual gathering! We had a blast!

Posted Stardate: 2009.0713
Indo-StarTrek di Media Cetak!
KLIK Di SINI untuk melihat kumpulan kliping artikel yang memuat Komunitas Indo-StarTrek di media cetak.

Posted Stardate: 2008.1201
Help this community grow! Jadilah Donatur Komunitas ini. CLICK HERE!


Posted Stardate: 2013.0825
Kopdar ke-2 Indo-StarTrek Surabaya-Malang
Baca laporannya DI SINI

Posted Stardate: 2013.0605
Indo-StarTrek Surabaya-Malang Starbase 1st Gathering
IST Surabaya-Malang First Contact Day!
Baca laporannya DI SINI


Posted Stardate: 2013.0620
Starfleet Academy Materials
15 Jun 2013 @america clasroom, Pacific Place, level 3. We talked about the famous franchise from basic knowledge and insider's view of Star Trek 101. KLIK DI SINI

Posted Stardate: 2009.0901
Indo-StarTrek Membership Card
Siapa yang mau Indo-StarTrek Membership Card? Pastinya semua member harus punya! Ada keuntungan punya membership card ini! Untuk detailnya, SEGERA KE SINI!